Castillon - Côtes de Bordeaux AC's


Located 45 kilometers east of Bordeaux, the vineyard area is bordered to the west by the Saint Emilion area, to the south by the Dordogne river, and to the east by the Dordogne region. The surface area is 3000 hectares that is divided into 9 districts.


 Currently there is a production volume of 160,000 hectoliters of red wine. The terroir of the Appellation is varied: recent alluvial soils to the north bordering the Dordogne river, sandy-gravel or gravelly-clay that become clay and limestone, or marly as soon as we reach the hillsides.


It is a maritime climate, with a mild and humid nature, oriented towards a continental trend.  The cultivated grape varieties are the Merlot (70%), the Cabernet Francs (20%) and the Cabernet Sauvignons (10%).