The Bordeaux appellations


The vineyard area is spread over 120,000 hectares divided over a length of 213 km and a width of 105 km in the largest administrative county in France, the Gironde. 38 appellations make up the Bordeaux vineyard area.  The Bordeaux AC wines; Reds, Whites, Rosés, Clairets and Bordeaux Supérieurs are produced within a 64,000 hectare region, representing 53% of the total surface of the Bordeaux vineyard area.


Optimal weather conditions explain the favorable development of the Bordeaux winemaking area. The breadth of the geographical area of the Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur appellations is so vast that their wines are produced on very diverse soils that obliges the winemaker to plant the grape variety that is best adapted to each plot (Merlot, Cabernet Franc et Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon…) This mosaic of terroirs is liked to the diversity of the wines of the Bordeaux appellations.